Western Districts Junior Tournament Results

The western districts held their junior tournament and West lakes Tennis club was well represented. The following players finished winners in their divisions, Riley Krenske, Tyra Hennessy, Adelle Smith, Rachel Anderson, Olivia Smith and Louis Suter. The following players finished runners up in their divisions Mitch Kourlis, Luke Smith, Louis Suter, Reuben Bell, Charlie Lemaistre, Adelle Smith. Congratulations. The list of all the winners are below.

EventWinnerRunner-UpConsolation Winner
Boys Premier-A1 SinglesMitchell Smart (SS)Franco Chitti (FP)Nicholas Brown (SS)
Boys Div 1-2 SinglesLachlan Mann (PA)Dimitri Kourlis (WL)
Boys Div 3-4 SinglesFrasier Willis (PA)Luke Smith (WL)George Vagonis (PA)
Boys Div 5-6 SinglesJames Siney (FP)Larson Pionilla (WG)
Boys Hot Shots SinglesHarry Bruce (SS)Charlie Bruce (SS)
Boys Premier- A1 DoublesMitchell Smarth (SS)-Joel Worden (SS)Nikolai Dobrovolski (SS)-Harrison Paton (SS)
Boys Div 1-2 DoublesDaniel Bergamin (SS)-Braedon James (SS)Ethan Clerke (PA)-Frasier Willis (PA)
Boys Div 3-4 DoublesJohn Maiello (PA)-George Vagonis (PA)Louis Suter (WL)-Dominic Tiani (WG)
Boys Div 5-6 DoublesKodey Hansen (WG)-Larson Pionilla (WG)Reuben bell (WL)-Charlie Lemaistre (WL)
Boys Hot Shots DoublesCharlie Bruce (SS)-Harry Bruce (SS)Darcy Hudson (SS)-Vongai Maidza (SS)
Girls Premier SinglesCasey Brain (HS)Kayleigh O’Donnell (SS)
Girls Div 1-2 SinglesShania Carmichael (PA)Adelle Smith (WL)
Girls Div 3-4 SinglesAlessia Chitti (FP)Hayley Hudson (SS)Rachel Anderson (WL)
Girls Hot Shots SinglesLara Kelly (PA)Lili Stevens (PA)
Girls Div 1-2 DoublesTyra Hennessey (WL)-Adelle Smith (WL)Shania Carmichael (PA)-Ashley Sutherland (PA)
Girls Div 3-4 DoublesRachel Anderson (WL)-Olivia Smith (WL)Hayley Hudson (SS)-Larissa Youels (SS)
Girls Hot Shots DoublesOlivia Collins (SS)-Yazzmin Hans (OR)Miranda Gorman (PA)-Hana Thompson (PA)
Mixed Premier-A1 DoublesFranco Chitti (FP)-Claire Ziepes (FP)Deyan Sarac (SS)-Shania Carmichael (PA)
Mixed Div 1-2 DoublesRiley Krenske (WL)-Tyra Hennessey (WL)Blake Hansen (WG)-Adelle Smith (WL)
Mixed Div 3-4 DoublesLouis Suter (WL)-Olivia Smith (WL)Darcy McCullough (WG)-Bridget McCullough (WG)

Remember Junior tennis starts back on the 31st of January (first weekend back after school starts).