#CSAI : Australian Tennis Favourite John Fitzgerald Wooed an Enthusiastic Crowd at the Charles Sturt Adelaide International Lunch Yesterday

John Fitzgerald and West Lakes Tennis Club President Col Lawson at the lunch yesterday. Photo – Hayden Faulkner

Fitzgerald treated the guests to some insightful, and at times playful, commentary on the state of Australian tennis, the prospects of some of the nation’s emerging talent, and the highs and lows of trying to make a career on the tough international stage.

The former Davis Cup Captain believes Australia is starting to see the fruits of some of the recent investment in grass roots tennis and other development pathways. Fitzgerald is hopeful that with the growth of Hot Shots into schools, that tennis will start to compete with the likes of football and rugby again in attracting kids “the lifetime sport”.

Fitzgerald is also excited by what he saw at the Australian Open and more recently at the Davis Cup, but cautioned tennis fans about putting too much pressure and expectation on our young players.

John Fitzgerald is as engaging and captivating on the microphone as he was on the tennis court. He knows how to enthrall and work a crowd, just like he knew how to work the ball around the court. People hang on every word, and no matter how short-lived the encounter, an intimate gathering with the tennis great is worth every cent of the admission ticket.

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