Court Hire Charges Updated

The court hire charges are as follows:

Daytime (9am – 3pm) Night-time (Lights necessary)
Members FREE $10 per hour per court
Non-members $10 per hour per court $20 per hour per court

NOTE: If there is a member on court then up to three non-members can play for member’s fee on same court.


During weeknights and Wednesday mornings courts are reserved for competition, but some may be available for hire. Please contact the respective night tennis coordinator to see if a court is available:

Monday Night Coordinator David Conroy 0411 183 819
Tuesday Night Coordinator Jo Quinn 0403 236 294
Wednesday Morning Coordinator Debera Kerruish 0413 876 180
Wednesday Night Coordinator Belinda Lee 0429 060 829
Thursday Night Coordinator Dawn Fisher 0409 280 368

If night competition tennis isn’t being played please see Lauren behind the bar to arrange court and lights.