Div 1 MetroWest Mens Comp 2011

12th Nov Lineup
Next week we host Henley South at home. Orion, Henley and Mellor Park are still duking it out at the top of the ladder, so this would be a good one to win.

5th Nov Recap
West Lakes versus Reade Park/Drive, we got up by a set and three games, 3-3, 8-7, 74-71. Three third set super-tiebreaks means we could have done it more comfortably, but equally it could have gone their way! We had a mixed start to the day while we got used to the surface, but Matthew did a great job winning both his singles and the last crucial doubles with yours truly, and Nev and Kaese won their doubles convincingly. Looking through some of the other results lately, the whole division is tightening up with some very close matches, so this was a good win and should lock us into at least 5th, 4 points from Seaside in 4th. There were another few top-of the table clashes this week with Mellor defeating Seaside by a set in a close one, and Orion defeating Henley 5-1 (see ResultsVault for more).

22nd Oct Recap
Well so I hear, we went down by one game to Memorial Drive on their home turf! 3-7-66 to 3-7-65. Just goes to show we can’t take our foot off the pedal even if it looks easy on paper. The Drive courts were worse than Kensington. That said, we still got 3 points for those rubbers, and the lawn guys have generally been beaten soundly on hard-court, so I hope we can do better later this season.

15th Oct Recap
Inclement weather, 30km/h winds and gusts up to 40 meant we were mostly playing squash rather than tennis. But the guys did well against SPOC on our first Lawn court competition, winning 6-0 straight rubbers. That could prove to be a handy 10 points!
On the ladder, Mellor Park, Henley South and Seaside are shaping up as the teams to beat, but then Mellor have played Xavier and Memorial Drive so far (both on 1 point). Orion have had an easy win and a bye, so they might also be in the mix, but are up against Mellor Park this week, so that will be an interesting result to watch.

8 Oct Recap
Well we had a competitive and entertaining first twilight round against Seaside under lights at home.
Nev was out with injury and Matthew was nabbed at the last minute to fill in for the pennant team. While not ideal, at least this meant we both still had four in each team. I’m sure they’ll return the favour later in the season!
Although we went down 1-5, it was good fun. Depa was in remarkable touch after 2 years break and went to a super-tiebreak in both singles and doubles, winning the 2nd doubles with Glitzy. Kaese and I had a good bash but just went down 5-7, 4-6 in our doubles epic.